Japan built world’s fastest supercomputer, leaving America and China behind

Japan has built the world’s fastest supercomputer, overtaking the US and China. The name of this supercomputer is Fugaku which has a 48 core A64FX chip. It is also the first supercomputer in the world to use an ARM processor and has found a place in the top 500 list.

Fugaku has resulted in 415.5 petaflops which are 2.8 times more than IBM’s Summit supercomputer. Let me tell you that IBM committee is the second most supercomputer in the world. Fugaku has also achieved top rankings in several tests including Graph 500, HPL-AI, and HPCG tests.

Usually, the US and China dominate the list of supercomputers, but this time Japan has won. In the last nine years, Fugaku is Japan’s first supercomputer to get the first place in the Top500. The list includes 226 Chinese supercomputers, 114 Americans, and 30 from Japan.

Let us tell you that the Top 500 is a research organization that issues a ranking of supercomputers every six months. Fugaku will start work from next year. It is being said that it will also be used in research on the corona.

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