Facebook will send notifications on sharing old news

Before publishing any old article or news on Facebook, you have to think many times. Facebook has announced that users will get a notification before sharing the 90-day old news article, which will tell the article’s publish time and this will let the users know how old the article is. This decision has been taken by the company with the intention of making the content more moderate.

Techcrunch reports that social media networking site Facebook Globally is going to roll out a notification screen. Under this, if users share a 90-day-old news article on their Facebook account, then there will be a pop-up show on their screen.

With which he will know how old he is sharing the article. After this, users themselves will be able to choose whether this article is worth sharing today or not. Only then will he be able to share it.

According to the report, Facebook’s Feed and Stories Vice President John Hegeman says that ‘Over the past several months, we have found in our internal research that the timeliness of an article is very important, which helps people decide that they should What to read, who to trust and what to share. The company’s goal behind doing this is to stop the use of old and misleading news.

According to the report, the company has announced in its blog post announcing the new service that ‘Now it is considering a pop-up screen to reduce the spread of misinformation, including about COVID-19 Links, will be included. So that people can get complete information about the source of the link and they can be redirected to direct COVID-19 information.

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