Hackers won’t be able to spy on smartphone users, Apple’s awesome feature

Apple has introduced a great feature with iOS 14. With the help of this feature, users will be able to know when the camera or microphone is on the phone without their consent. This feature will make it very difficult for hackers to spy on users.

There have been constant questions about the security and privacy of users on apps and social media platforms. Data leaks occurring on the day can cause major damage to users. Apple has tried to address this concern of the users.

Apple is offering a special feature in its new update, which will let users know when the phone’s microphone or camera is activated.

This feature will tell the user about the apps through which the hackers will be listening to them by turning on the microphone. The company is going to offer this feature with iOS 14. The update will roll out to all users in September this year.

Orange Dot will get alert
After the iOS 14 update, the user will see an orange color dot in the top right of the device screen when the microphone is turned on. This dot will reflect even when the camera of the phone is turned on.

Its special thing is that you can check which app is using the device’s microphone or camera by going to the phone’s control center. If you find any kind of disturbance in it, then you can immediately go to the settings and check the permissions of the app.

App permission can be closed
If you feel that an app is accessing the camera or microphone of your phone without your will, then you can deny this permission. Even after that, if you have doubts about that app, then it is better that you delete it from the system.

Privacy of users will increase
In the past few months, there have been many such cases in which users’ conversations and activities were being tracked by popular social media platforms and apps. For this, the favorite source of hackers is the camera and microphone of the device. In such a situation, this special feature of Apple can prove to be a great relief to the users.

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