Google knows when and what you see on your smartphone

If you use Android smartphone then this news is for you only. Google tracks your smartphone all the time. When and what are you looking at in your phone, which app are you using, Google knows all this. The task of the activity controls coming in Google account is to track all the activities of your phone.

All the data such as which website you are visiting and which video you are watching is saved in all the activity controls of Google. On this, Google says that based on this data, the company gives you better search results and customized experience on Google products.

In this way, you can check the data

You search My Activity in your smartphone and go to the link Here you will see the complete activity of your smartphone. If you want, you can also delete your data from here. For this, tap on the three dots present with the search bar and now go to Delete activity by. Now you will see options for Last hour, Last day, All time and the Custome range. You can delete the data from here by choosing the option according to you.

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