Smart mask launched, it is connect with bluetooth to make call by speaking

Due to coronavirus infection, health is being worked at a rapid pace all over the world. Now a Japanese startup company has created a smart mask that connects to the Internet and it also reads the message on the phone and tells you. In addition, this mask is also able to translate the Japanese language into eight other languages.

It has been named c-mask, which is connected to the phone with the help of Bluetooth, after which you can operate it through the mobile app. This mask can also make a phone call upon giving voice commands. It was developed by a startup company called Donut Robotics.

Company statement

Regarding the launch of this mask, Donut Robotics CEO Taisuke Ono said that “We make robots and using the same technology we have created this smart mask. 5,000 units of the C-mask will be marketed by September.” The price of one mask has been kept at $ 40 i.e. around Rs. 3,000.

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