Single rear camera, yet iPhone SE surpassed many Android phones in quality

Apple’s cheap smartphone iPhone SE 2020 was recently camera tested, with an overall score of 101. Despite having a single rear camera, this iPhone has outpaced many Android phones. DxOMark, a website testing smartphone cameras and audio, has done this test.

Apple has given the same camera setup as iPhone Xr in this phone, it also got the same number of points.

How was the performance of iPhone SE
In the review of DxOMark, this iPhone has achieved 103 points in photography and 98 points in video. The camera’s color balance, saturation and contrast were perfect. However the zoom effect, bokeh effect and low-light photography were weak.

The iPhone SE scored 84 points overall in the selfie test. With this ranking, it has been ahead of phones like Google Pixel 3a, Samsung Galaxy S9 + and LG G8 thinq. However, a lot of phones in the list are above it.

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