China may cyber attack after Chinese apps banned, alert issued

In the past, 59 Chinese apps have been banned in India and now the government has issued an alert across the country, besides monitoring has been intensified by the Intelligence Agency, so that any kind of cyber attack from China To be saved

According to the Economictimes report, cybersecurity experts believe that banning Chinese apps is only the beginning and has provoked China.

China may seek to harm Indian cyberspace in retaliation. Senior government officials have said that better monitoring is being done in almost all sectors.

China has access to India’s networks

India’s power, telecom, and financial services sectors have also been kept on alert as the Chinese infrastructure is made up of Chinese infrastructure.

Let me tell you that China has been allowed to invest in critical infrastructure for many years, due to which China has access to India’s networks.

Apart from communications, power, financial sector is also included in this. Apart from this, surveillance devices made in China used in government and private sector are also on radar.

Tracking of India’s cyberspace

PwC India leader Cybersecurity Siddharth Vishwanath has given information that in the current situation no one is ready for war on the border, but attempts can be made to harm cyberspace, trade, and supply chain. We are monitoring the tech firms which are being funded by China so that they are not targeted.

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