Telecom companies gets order to block Chinese apps, Airtel starts

The Indian government recently banned 59 Chinese mobile apps, including Tic-Talk, Halo, and UC Browser. At the same time, the government has now ordered telecom companies to ban the banned Chinese mobile app.

For your information, please tell that instructions have been issued under the emergency provision of the Information Technology Act.

The government says that orders have been given to telecom companies to ban banned apps. Also, two lists have been released, in which 35 apps are present in the first list and 24 apps in the second list.

Both of these lists are names of Chinese mobile apps that were banned. These include UC News, Tick-Talk, UC Browser, Veeva Video, Me Video Call, Bigo Live, and WeChat, etc.

This message was received after opening the Tiktok
A tick-talk app is not opening on Airtel’s network. To check this, when we opened this app on Airtel’s network, we got a notification.

It is written in this notification that we are following the order of the Government of India. Our app has been banned as well as 59 other apps. The data security of Indian users is our first priority.

Such telecom companies ban Chinese app
According to media reports, telecom companies have a technology that bans the IP of these apps. After this, the mobile app stops working on the users’ device.

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