Chingari website hacked, company said – user’s data safe

After the ban of Chinese short video sharing app TikTok in India, several options have become increasingly viral. One such Chingari app has now found a place in the charts of the top free apps on the App Store and Play Store, but the case of the website of the company making this app has been reported to be hacked. The company says that the user’s data is safe.

In the past, 59 Chinese apps have been banned by the Government of India, and the short video making app TikTok is also included in this list. In place of this app, now many Indian apps have become increasingly popular and Chingari is also one of them.

Now a case of tampering and hacking with the Chingari app website has come to light. There has been a case of changes in the codes of the website of Globussoft, the company operating the Chingari app.

A script was added to all the pages of the company’s website, including malicious code. With its help, users could be redirected to different websites. The flaw of Globussoft’s website has been detected by security researcher Eliot Alderson.

Earlier, information was also given about a privacy issue present in the Arogya Setu app by Eliot.

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