Scam in the name of TikTok, have you also received this message?

TikTok has been banned by the government in India and has also been removed from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, meaning that it can no longer be accessed in India. Despite this, users are being installed malicious apps in their device by luring them to access Tiktok.

Many users have received a message stating that they can access Tiktok by just clicking a link. This is a way to trap users in scams. If you get such a message, then never click on the link given in it, because it can make you a victim of a scam.

Fraud is being given to people through messages

It has been written in this message that Tiktok will enjoy the video and once again make creative videos. Now only Tiktok Pro is available which can be downloaded from the link.

From this link, an apk file will be downloaded to your phone which shows the icon of TikTok but it is malware. That is why if you get any such message, do not click on the link given in it nor forward it further.

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