Simple method to find a stolen smartphone from a special number

Mobile phone theft is very common. However, after the mobile phone is stolen, there is a lot of trouble as most of our data is stored on our smartphone.

The biggest concern when a phone is stolen is that our stolen phone does not fall into the hands of a bad person who does not misuse it.

It is usually a very difficult task to find a phone after it has been stolen. Today we will specifically search for stolen phones without using SIM card, internet access, and GPS location. All you need is an IMEI number.

IMEI number is on the retail box
You will find the IMEI number of the stolen phone in the retail box. You will find it near the model number and serial number sticker affixed on the box. IMEI number consists of 15 digits written on a barcode.

IMEI phone tracker will work
Once you get the IMEI number you can easily track the phone. So you have to install an IMEI phone tracker in the phone. You can easily find this app from Google Play Store. Apart from this, you can also lodge a police complaint which will help you with the help of a cyber team.

What is IMEI number?
IMEI is an international mobile equipment identity that is a 15-digit number in any phone. This phone has an identity certificate that cannot be changed. So whenever you buy a new phone, first check the IMEI number in the box and the device and make a separate note somewhere.

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