Apple also gave a shock to China, thousands of Chinese apps in trouble

The Indian government recently banned 59 Chinese apps while conducting a digital strike on China. Chinese apps that the government has banned include apps such as Tiktok, Helo, CamScanner. After the Indian government, now the technology giant Apple has given a big blow to China.

Apple has suspended thousands of app updates from China. Apple has taken this decision due to a lack of government license. According to the Financial Times report, the apps that Apple has suspended updates are all gaming apps.

Let us know that in February this year, Apple had given time till June 30 to show licenses to all game developers, but developers did not show any license after which Apple has taken this decision. Actually, Apple is facing government pressure to follow local rules.

It was only after pressure from the government that Apple demanded a government license from all game developers.

Apple’s app store is the largest market in China. The Apple App Store alone earns $ 16.4 billion from China, which comes only from gaming apps. All paid gaming apps on Apple’s App Store require an Internet Content Provider license.

This rule on app stores in China has been in place since 2016. This license is obtained only after an official review.

This decision of the moment has suspended the update of over 60,000 gaming apps. Since 2010, only 43,000 developers have submitted licenses, although it is unclear why Apple has taken this decision even though it was not getting the license for years.

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