Chinese hackers spying all over the world with Android virus, game running since 2013

The whole world is eyeing China for data theft and privacy. Recently, the Indian government has banned 59 Chinese apps.

Now a new report has claimed that some cyber agencies in China are using Android malware to spy on Muslims and minorities around the world. This information has been given by a mobile cybersecurity firm.

San Francisco company Lookout has said in its report that groups of Chinese hackers are stealing users’ personal information through Android malware.

Android malware through which people are being spied includes names of malware such as SilkBean, DoubleAgent, CarbonSteal, and GoldenEagle.

There is no more information about this malware. All these malware are part of mAPT (Mobile Advanced Persistent Threat). This data theft campaign has been going on since 2013. Uigars are Muslims and minorities targeted by these hackers group. These hackers also target Muslims outside Tibet and China.

These hackers use signing certificates, command and control tools for hacking. The groups named for hacking include GREF, also known as APT15, Ke3chang, Mirage, Vixen Panda and Playful Dragon.

Through malware, these hackers steal people’s personal information including location, contact numbers, text messages, call history, mobile serial number, model number, etc. These hackers also use CarbonSteal malware that specializes in secretly recording audio.

At the same time, GoldenEagle Spyware specializes in taking screenshots and stealing photos. Content within the sample malware is often relayed to news outlets in countries such as Turkey, Syria, Kuwait, Indonesia, and Kazakhstan.

Apps with Android malware are present in Uygar, English, Chinese, Turkish, Pashto, Persian, Malay, Indonesian, Uzbek, and Urdu / Hindi languages. These malware apps have been downloaded in 14 countries including names of countries such as France, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Egypt and Iran.

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