Laptop battery will run 2 hours more, Google bringing special feature

Google Chrome is the most popular Internet browser for millions of users around the world, but it is also considered a battery-consuming browser.

Many users also have problems with this. Google has decided to provide a special feature to eliminate this problem of users. Laptop batteries with this feature can last up to 2 hours.

According to a report by TheWindowClub, Crome 86 has been found to be an ‘experimental feature’. It is being said that with the help of this feature the battery backup of the laptop can be given two hours more than before.

The report says that Google is trying to limit ‘JavaScript timer wake ups’ to 1 wake up per minute in the background.

It is claimed that Google performed the experiment using a prototype. In the meantime, he opened 36 different tabs in the background and kept the next tab as ‘About.blank’.

After this experiment, Google found that the battery life of the laptop increased by about 2 hours. In another test, Google replaced the ‘About.Blank’ tab with a video tab running on fullscreen YouTube. Doing so increased the laptop’s battery by 36 minutes.

The report states that if the webpage is in the background for 5 minutes then in such a situation Google is planning to match the JavaScript timer wakeups with a timeout at 5 minutes or 1-minute intervals.

Similarly, Chrome is also trying to do JavaScript timer wake ups with an interval of 5 minutes to a minute.

It also refers to the enterprise policy that will allow the system administrator to disable this feature. This feature will be accessible in Google Chrome running on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and Chrome OS.

However, no information has been provided by the company as to when a stable version of this feature will be brought to the general users.

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