New Pinned Comments feature in Instagram, this is how it works

Instagram has launched a new feature for its users, named Pinned Comments. Users can pin comments made on their posts through this feature. A pinned comment will appear at the top of the comment box.

Let us tell you that the company had given the support of this feature to only a few select users a few days ago, but now it is available to all stable users. At the same time, the company says that with the help of this feature, users will be able to manage the comment list better.

  • If you want to pin a comment made on your post, long press on it.
  • Now you will see the option to Pin, Report, Delete and Reply here.
  • Select the PIN option from it. Now you will get a notification, which states that you can pin three comments, which will appear on the top in the comment list. As soon as you pin a comment, its notification will also be given to the user who commented on your post.
  • You can remove a comment pinned in this way and pin other comments.

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