IPhone maker company Foxconn to invest Rs 7,500 crore in India

Foreign investments have been happening continuously since the beginning of April in India. First American company Facebook invested in Reliance Jio, after that many companies invested one by one.

The biggest reason for investing in India is that the entire world is eyeing the Indian market. After the dispute with China from all the countries, India has become the largest hub of IT.

Many of you may know that the manufacturer of Apple’s iPhone is Foxconn. Foxconn is already making Apple’s iPhones at its Tamil Nadu plant, but now the company wants to expand the plant further. For this expansion, the company is planning to invest one billion dollars in India i.e. around Rs 7,500 crore.

This investment of Foxconn will create about six thousand new jobs in India. Taiwan-based Foxconn manufactures the iPhone XR at the Indian plant, but the company will soon manufacture the iPhone SI 2020 at the same plant.

After spreading the infection from China, the whole world has started to withdraw from the Chinese market. It is being said that Apple is gradually expanding its market from China, after which the company’s new base can be India.

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