Tiktok’s new link to market after government ban

The Tiktok app has been banned by the government. But cybercriminals have now launched new alchemy of cyber theft to re-launch Tiktok and steal people’s data.

Many applications have been banned by the government to prevent India’s data from being used by China for the security of the country and its people, but cybercriminals have found the alchemy to re-open and use Tiktok.

A link to relaunch Tiktok has been circulating in several mobiles in the markets. You can download Tiktok just by opening this link. But beware this app can steal all your data from your own smartphone.

The alchemy of re-downloading TickTock that has been circulating in the market, if you get that link and download TikTok again, all the data of your phone can be stolen. The new application has a number of security issues.

This app can steal your personal information along with your location. All the personal details on the phone will be stolen through Tiktok.

If you download this tic-tac-toe link created by a cybercriminal, all the memory in your phone can be used by a cyber-criminal. Not only this, with the help of your phone number, photos, location, and data of many applications, if you download this app, but you are also giving permission to the cyber-criminal.

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