There is a big flaw in this Indian video sharing app, all user information can be stolen

The security panel of the Indian video sharing app Chingari has been compromised, threatening the data of many users. This information has been found in a YouTube video of Girish Kumar working in the security company Encode.

Hackers can access users’ accounts and upload videos

Girish Kumar said in the video that hackers change the user’s horizontal in an HTTP request. Which gives them full access to the account. The video further states that the hackers changed the user’s complete information after gaining access, as well as photos and videos can upload. Apart from this, hackers also get access to commenting.

This flaw comes in older versions of the app, 2.4.0, the company said. We’ve released a new update to the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. In which users will get security patches. The company has also appealed to users to download the new version.

As for the features of the Spark app, you can create short videos through it and share it with your friends. On this app, you will find videos like trending news, entertainment, funny videos, love status. Looking at the features of the app, it seems that this app is more like Hello app.

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