Google launched a website to explain to users how YouTube works

Different content is being added to YouTube every day from all over the world. While the company deletes videos of many users, many videos become world-famous. Many users will also have questions about how YouTube works! Google launches a special website to address these questions of users.

The name of this website is ‘How YouTube Works’. The company has come up with the idea of ​​a website to answer any questions regarding transparent criteria and video streaming platform with users.

Google said the website would explain to users how YouTube works in child safety, hazardous content, misinformation, copyright, and the current Corona time. It will also inform the user about YouTube’s guidelines and policies so that the user knows what content to upload to the platform and whatnot.

The company will also release the necessary data, records, and current trends for next-generation creators and artists. Google will first launch the website for users in the US and then in other countries, including India.

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