A new feature in Facebook Messenger, can be seen screen of another’s mobile

Millions of people use the Facebook Messenger service on social media every day. As of April 2020, Facebook had 2.6 billion active monthly users. Facebook is bringing new features and features for the users.

So this time the messenger app has made a big change. The company has come up with a screen sharing feature in Messenger in an exciting update.

Facebook recently announced that Messenger app users on Android and iOS will get the option of screen sharing. And now that feature is being rolled out. Until now this feature was only available on Messenger web.

But now it can also be used on the app. Users will also get support for this feature in new messenger rooms. Messenger rooms can also compete with Zoom and Microsoft teams.

New screen sharing feature

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of the growing demand for online video conferencing and meetings. The office needs screen sharing, from presentations to explaining a video or homework for teachers. With this new feature and feature, users can also share their mobile screen with anyone on the app. Every user will get the feature of this feature with the new update.

This is how the screen will be shared

The Messenger app features 8 users in a group call with a new feature one-to-one video call. For this, users will have to make a video call by launching Messenger. In the bottom tab of the screen where the call is connected, you will find the Share Your Screen option. After clicking on which other users will be able to see the screen of your mobile on their mobile.

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