How to get the text of the visiting card: Tips and Tricks

In today’s digital age, visiting cards printed on paper are being forgotten, but they are still being exchanged. If someone gives you a visiting card, how do you save it? It is a different matter to save a card in physical form in an album, but it is better to save a digital copy of it in today’s time.

If you go to the App Store, you will find many apps that do this job, with the help of which if we take a photograph of the card, the app turns the text in it into editable text.

Most of these apps are almost paid or offer very limited features in the free version.

There is a simple solution – Google Keep. Google Keep is an awesome service for sorting out what you think is useful on different sites while surfing the Internet and then searching when needed.

Now, the facility to convert the text in the image into editable text has been added. To take advantage of …

Download the Google Keep app in the phone.

Open the app, click on the camera icon at the bottom right.

The app will give you the option to take a new photograph or choose from the phone.

Click on ‘Tech Photo’ to take a photograph of the card with proper focus (if the card is horizontal or vertical then the app will read the text correctly).

Once the photograph of the card has fallen, click the photo, and then click the three buttons at the top right.

Select the ‘Grab Image Text’ option.

In a short time, in the note with the image, everything in the card will be added in an editable format! The condition is that the text in the card should be in the correct font and the image we take should not be too out-of-focus.

There is no easy way to add this text to the phone’s contact list, but the mobile number will appear as a link. Click on it so that the number can be called directly from the smartphone! Then save the number in Contacts if you want.

In short, just take a photograph of any visiting card with the help of Google Keep and save it in text form, then searching the name of that person in Google Keep will find the note with his visiting card and from there you will be able to call him.

Keep also has the facility to label each note, so labeling it as a business, personal, etc. will make it easier to find the desired card.

This feature is also available in Google Drive or Photos. The technology (OCR – Optical Character Recognition) is the same, but with the new version of Google Keep, it’s a little easier to use. You can use Keep in both smartphones and PC.

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