How Google Images works on search engine

When searching on a PC or laptop, you will see that in addition to displaying various webpages containing information related to whatever we search, a large box on the right displays various types of information related to our search.

Such a box also appears in mobiles, only its appearance is a little different. If we search for a cricketer in the box on the right, his pictures from Wikipedia, his brief introduction, date of birth, age, place of birth, height, when he entered various types of international cricket and against which country, etc., various career statistics, books about him. Etc. are shown.

If we search for a place instead of a cricketer, the information displayed in this box changes completely. If we search for a place or building, the system smartly understands its context and displays such information.

All this Google search engine shows us by sorting from different webpages so that we do not have to search for different webpages to find such information. This service is known as Knowledge Graph and it is getting smarter day by day.

In addition to text-based search, this service will now be active when we search for an image. Currently, only different images are displayed than image search. But now searching for images of people, places or things will get you more information about it.

More details will be covered in the Image-Based Knowledge Graph in the near future. The service is currently being activated in the US.

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