Credit Card Fraud: Government unveils seven hackers website

ATM fraud, credit card fraud, and banking fraud are common in India. In the coming days, there are reports that ATMs were cloned and money was withdrawn, credit cards were hacked. After this type of fraud, people go round the banks and the police station, but nobody gets money and nobody knows anything.

Now the Government of India’s Cyber ​​Security Agency Cert-In has issued a warning to e-commerce sites around the world including India regarding credit card scamming. In its report, the government has given information about seven websites of hackers through which they commit fraud.

The report states that these hackers steal people’s credit card and debit card information from the e-commerce site, for which they use Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

  • idpcdn-cloud [.] com
  • joblly [.] com
  • hixrq [.] ne
  • cdn-xhr [.] com
  • rackxhr [.] com
  • thxrq [.] com
  • hivnd [.] net

The agency has also made some suggestions for developers such as using the latest version of the ASP.NET web framework. Also, keep the IIS web server and database server up to date. Prohibit all types of access, give only the necessary access. Periodically audit your website and check its security.

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