No need a Play Store to download the app, how you can use it

The age of modernity and technology is underway. Day by day various applications and technologies have changed. People are getting new features day by day. Google or Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp are changing day by day in every application.

At the moment, Google is constantly changing its app. Google is going to make some changes in its downloading app Google Play Store. It will allow users to subscribe to the Android application without having to download it to the phone.

Notably, the company is working on creating a subscription model for users. This feature allows users to get rid of frequent pop-up subscriptions to this app.

Until now, users could download any app for free from the Google Play Store. There are also some apps on the store for which users have to subscribe. As well as having to buy the app from this app market place after installing the app. But now this feature has changed. However, no further details have been released by the company.

According to the company’s blog post, the Play Store also offers promo codes for free trials on subscriptions. In this case, even if the application is not installed, it can be redeemed. A group of developers has already started buying membership of their apps directly from the Google Play Store.

In this case, Google users will get permission to become a member directly from the Plate Store. But there is no word yet on when this update will hit the market.

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