Twitter Hack: Hacker downloaded data of eight accounts

Recently Twitter has been the victim of a big hacking. This is probably the biggest hacking in the history of Twitter. The hacking targeted 130 Twitter accounts, including Apple’s handle, accounts of celebrities such as Bill Gates, Barack Obama, US presidential candidate Joe Biden, Uber, Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

New revelations are happening daily about this hacking. You can guess this hacking by the fact that even after three days, the clue of the hacker has not been found. Twitter is not yet able to give accurate information about how this hacking happened.

Twitter has said that about 130 accounts have been targeted in this hacking. The hacker had full access to the account after which he tweeted and asked people to invest in Bitcoin and double it. The company has also banned users’ data downloading.

At the same time, Twitter is saying that 130 people have been victimized in this hacking, out of which account data of eight users have been downloaded. Apart from this, hackers have reset the passwords of 45 accounts. Twitter has said that the hacker has used Your Twitter Data tool to download the data, including data up to messaging.

Earlier on Friday, Twitter said that it had not yet found evidence that the user’s account password was used for hacking. In such a situation, it cannot be said that everyone should change their password. Twitter has also said that it has locked all those accounts whose password has been tried to change in the last 30 days.

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