Searches through Google Maps and Google Search Covid-19 Testing Lab

Covid-19 Testing Lab can now be detected through Google search, Google Maps, and Google Assistant. Learn how to use this feature.

Google has recently released a new feature on its platforms. With the new feature, users can search the Covid-19 Testing Center built around them through Google Maps and Google Search. In a recent tweet, the company had informed that work is being done in collaboration with the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) and MyGovIndia to bring information related to Covid-19 Testing Center across the country.

In addition to Google Maps, this feature is available on Google Search and Google Assistant. Apart from Hindi and English, users can also search in 7 regional languages. Keep in mind that before going to any Covid-19 Testing Lab / Center, go to the doctor and take a prescription.

A step-by-step guide to find out how to find Kovid-19 Testing Lab near you:

For google maps

1. Open Google Maps
2. Now, type frazzles like Coronavirus testing or Covid-19 testing in the search bar at the top.
3. Now you will see a list of Authorized Center built around you. You can tap on ‘See testing info’ and get detailed information about the testing center.

For Google Search

1. Open Google search on your mobile and type ‘coronavirus testing’
2. Now, enter to see the list of all the coronavirus testing made around you

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