Google’s new feature that will stop your spying

On the one hand, people have benefited through the internet and social media. But along with the advantages, there are also disadvantages. People who share their personal information live in fear. New features have been added by Google. Through which you can stop your spying. Users who use GOOGLE are always troubled by th

e fact that Google tracks and records their every activity, including where you are going and what you are searching for. However, Google has recently added some control keys to its platform. This feature allows you to auto-delete your web activities and location history from your Google Account.

The auto delete option for a new account is by default, but old users will have to manually enable this feature. Let us know how to enable it manually.

This way new features can be used

First, you need to go to Google’s site and open the Google Activity control page.

Once the page opens, you’ll need to sign in with your Google Account. Then you have to click on the Auto Delete (Off) option given below.

Here you can click on Auto Delete Actions Older Than 3 Month or 18 Month option. Then tap on the Next button and click on the Confirm button for permanent change.4. If you do not want Google to track or record your activity, you need to disable the web activity toggle here.

This is how you have to disable the Location History and YouTube History toggles after scrolling down. This way you can prevent Google from tracking location history, web activity, YouTube search, etc. forever. However, you should also keep in mind that this process will reduce the personalized experience on Google.

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