Deleting Google Play Store history will speed up the app’s search performance

The Google Play Store has the ability to remember which app the user is searching for. But a frequent search of apps can gather a long history in the Google Play Store. This list slows down the search. If the phone is not new, the user may have more trouble searching.

The user can also keep the search private, which does not work as a save feature. If you want to delete history on Google Play Store, the process is much easier. Learn the process of deleting history in 4 steps:

1. Open Google Play Store app in Android device.
2. Tap the menu button in the upper left corner.
3. A sidebar list will open, click on the Settings option below.
4. Tap on Clear Local Search History at the bottom of General, however, tapping on it will not open a confirmation screen, but the search history will be cleared.

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