If you use a phone with fast charger, there is a danger of blast in your phone

Smartphones are often targeted through hacking attacks, but now a report has come out that you will be shocked to read. Xuanwu Lab, a very large part of the research unit of Chinese tech company Tencent, has reported through reports that hackers can damage the connected devices’ systems after Fast Charger’s firmware is compromised. The components of the phone attached to the charger can be set from melting to fire.

According to a report by Forbes, this attack technic is named BadPower which corrupts the firmware of the fast charger. Fast Charger may look similar to a normal charger but it works on special firmware. With its help, the charging speed is also decided.

This is how hackers attack

BadPower Technique changes the default charging parameters of existing chargers. This causes the charger to send more power than it needs to, causing the device to melt and cause it to explode.

Such an attack cannot be detected and is extremely dangerous. Researchers found in the investigation that out of 35 popular chargers, this attack could be carried out in 18.

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