YouTuber Carry Minati’s channel hacked, suspected of bitcoin scam

YouTube channel Ajay Nagar (Carry Minati), who came into the limelight after being pulled over, has been hacked. Carrie Minati runs the gaming channel CarryisLive on YouTube. On this channel, they share videos related to gaming. This channel has been a victim of hacking.

Carry Minati has been informed about this hacking by her fans, after which she too has confirmed it by tweeting. According to the initial report, the hacking of this channel was attributed to bitcoin hacking, as the hacker was seeking donations from the people for the floods in many parts of the country.

The hacker even changed the channel description. Apart from this, videos with channel donation have been inserted. In one video, the hacker is asking people for help with the floods in Assam and Bihar.

Recently Twitter accounts of celebrities like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Apple, and Barack Obama were also hacked for the bitcoin scam. The hacker appealed to people to invest in bitcoin and double the money.

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