Google Chrome browser, learn about new features

When it comes to getting any kind of information from the internet or finding any kind of information from the internet or visiting a website, you have only one name, “web browser”, there are many available in the browser world. But when it comes to the popular browser, it is Google Chrome.

With the help of Google Chrome, we process browsing. But what we do know is that we can also do special activities with the activities that we do with Google Chrome. Knowing how easy your task can be with the features of Google Chrome is just as important for the user.


You can also use Google Chrome as a calculator. All you have to do is use the address bar to use the calculator. As Google Chrome opens, you have to enter the parameters of whatever calculation you want inside the address bar. The calculator can be a simple calculation, it can do complex calculations as well as it can do scientific calculations easily.

Media player

You can also use Google Chrome as a media player. Not all audio and video formats currently available on the Internet support a computer player. So Google Chrome has the ability to play video or audio. Dragging video or audio that your installed software does not support will play in Chrome’s address bar. No needs any special software.

Image viewer

Google Chrome can also be used as an image viewer, there are some image file formats that do not support your image viewer and you do not need to install any other software if you want to see it, you can drag the image and drop it in the browser’s address bar. The resulting image will open there.

Use it as a PDF as well as a text reader

Also acts as a PDF and text reader. If your device does not have any PDF software installed, you can open the file by dragging the file into the browser’s address bar to read the PDF file. You can also view the file clockwise and anticlockwise. You can also delete prints, any type of simple textile and you can see it by working in the same way.

Pin the webpage

Chrome provides a pin feature. In which the web page that you use every day should open when chrome opens, to pin it you have to open that website first, then you have to write on that tab and select the option named PIN there, i.e. The webpage or website will be pinned and in the same way you can unpin any other website.

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