Want to run two apps at once? Follow these steps

When using an Android mobile, you sometimes need to use two applications at once. In addition to watching Netflix on a smartphone, you also need to check mail. For which users have to go from one app to another.

But if you want, you can use split-screen mode in Android mobile instead of moving from one app to another, i.e. you can use two apps simultaneously in a smartphone.

Can be used in such a way

Before running two apps simultaneously on an Android mobile, you should also keep in mind that not all apps can run on split-screen mode. Applications such as YouTube and Chrome support split-screen mode. But the gaming app and Facebook Messenger do not support this.

For split-screen mode, you must first go to the home screen. Where the recent button option is given at the bottom right. After clicking on which, select the app you want to use in split-screen mode here. Then click on the logo of the app. You will now have the option of open in a split-screen view. Now you open the app in split-screen view mode.

You can also change the size of the app

In which the first app will be seen in the top. Then select another app that you want to use for the bottom screen. When the split-screen mode is opened you will see a black line between the two apps. You can also change the size of the app if you wish. That is, you can make it small or big according to your convenience.

Turn off split-screen mode

This is a feature used for the user. But if you want to exit the split-screen mode i.e. turn off this feature then again there is a black line between the screens. Press on it for a while. After which swipe in any direction to close the app. After which the app will close.

Mobile games cannot be used in this mode

Apps like YouTube, Netflix etc. can be used well in split-screen mode. But mobile games cannot be used properly in this mode.

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