Google’s engineers make shocking revelation, keeping a close eye on location history

Google keeps an eye on you even when you don’t want to. Users are still on Google’s radar after turning off location history. The revelation came from an email leak from Google’s engineers themselves.

Engineers believe that Google’s location app is a bit messy in the app’s privacy settings and can be misleading. In fact, an application was filed three months ago by the Arizona Attorney General, during which the sealed documents submitted to the court were opened. He alleged that Google’s data collection process violated the state’s consumer fraud laws.

This was first reported in the Consumer Fraud Report of the Associated Press in early 2018. In this case, according to files opened last week, after the AP’s news was published in 2018, Google knew it would be in big trouble.

Google is still monitoring users’ movements, even after turning off Google’s location history. The leaked documents include Google’s internal e-mail and new complaints, which are slightly lower than before.

The AP received the news the same day it called an anonymous e-mail reporter to discuss the location tracking tool, according to documents opened in Arizona’s Maricopa County Superior Court. According to the documents, Google also monitored people’s reactions to the AP’s news. See what’s trending on Facebook, Twitter, and other influential sites?

During this time, some of Google’s engineers targeted the company, saying it was misleading people about how its location tracking settings work. He said it was a shame to make the e-mail public. Billions of people trust the company. And provides their personal information in exchange for free services and the company gives it for advertising.

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