OMG! Pakistan bans these 5 dating apps, saying the apps are ‘unethical’

Pakistan, the world’s second-largest Muslim country, has objected to dating young people. Pakistan has started targeting dating apps that are becoming popular among young people. Pakistan has banned five major apps in the world due to its culture.

Pakistan said these apps are ‘unethical’

Pakistan on Tuesday banned five apps related to dating and live streaming for alleged “unethical” content. The country’s telecom authority said in a statement that “Tinder”, “Tagged”, “Scout”, “Grindr” and “SayHi” were banned. Because they have failed to remove inappropriate content. The authority said the applications were banned as they did not respond to the notice within the stipulated time.

According to the information received, extra-marital relations and homosexuality are illegal in Pakistan. There are many in these dating apps where these two types of relationships are promoted. This is the reason why the government of Pakistan has sought answers on these issues from these five apps. However, no application has yet responded to the matter.

Tinder App Almost 4.4 lacs times downloaded in Pakistan. Apart from this, Grinder, Tagged, and Say Hi have also been downloaded more than 3 lakh times. Sensor Tower says Scout has been downloaded nearly 1 million times in the last 12 months.

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