Instagram reels are more advanced than before, find out what’s new in reels now?

  • India was the fourth country where Facebook launched Instagram reels after Tiktok was banned.
  • This feature is available in more than 50 countries
  • Instagram has over 100 million users in India

Video creators’ interest in Instagram reels has increased since the ban on Tiktok. Given the current situation, Facebook has launched a new update of Instagram Reels on Friday to give users a better experience. In this update, the Dedicated Reels tab will appear in the navigation bar instead of the Explore tab (magnifier glass icon).

The first to launch this update in India

According to the company, this tab allows the user to access the auto-playing reels video with a single click. Only reels videos will appear in the tab. This will make it easier for users to find new creators.

India is the first country where this feature is being launched. Instagram is a short video sharing platform on reels like Tiktok. Users can share up to 15 seconds of video on reels. The reels feature has become popular among Indian users since Tiktok was discontinued.

According to data analytics firm YouGov, about two-thirds of urban Indians, or 65 percent, asked why we wanted to use Indian or non-Chinese apps to make videos. 68% of TikTok content creators wanted to switch to an Indian or non-Chinese variant of the video-sharing app. Instagram Reels topped the list of options. Facebook first launched Instagram Reels in the US last month amid a tic tac toe in the US.

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