Forward messages in Messenger to 5 users or groups only like WhatsApp, a new feature to stop fake news.

The social media platform Facebook has also now made some changes to Messenger chat to stop misinformation messages. Now, like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger has also set a limit on the number of messages to be forwarded. This means that forwarded messages can only be sent to 5 users or groups.

According to Facebook, the purpose behind this decision is to stop fake news, so we have set a limit. This will prevent the message from giving incorrect information from being forwarded quickly. Now you can only share any message to a limited number of users at a time.

Users will get benefits till September 24
Facebook started testing this feature in March. The company has started launching it. Currently, this feature is limited to certain countries but will be launched globally from September 24.

WhatsApp feature
The forward message feature in WhatsApp was launched in the year 2018. It then launched the Forward Message feature in the global market in January this year. If a message is forwarded in WhatsApp, it can only be forwarded to a single user or group.

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