Google and Apple create new exposure notification system to avoid Covid-19, alerts Corona if a positive person approaches

Google and Apple, the world’s two largest tech companies, have announced new systems for the Covid-19 epidemic. The system is called ‘Exposure Notification Express’. The system will enable public health authorities to use smartphones to help trace contacts without the app.

This new system of Exposure Notification Express will allow public health officers to submit a small configuration file to Apple and Google. Both tech companies will then use the file to set up the system. So, the owner of the phone will be informed if the corona is close to the positive person.

Alerts will be received on user’s phones
In the case of the iPhone, a new update to the iOS operating system will alert users about whether local health officials have an exposure notification system available and allow users to set it up without downloading a new app.

Users on Android devices will get a hint from the phone’s operating system. However, users will have to download an automatically generated app.

First, the new system will be used in America
Both Google and Apple said the new system would first be used in Maryland, Nevada, Virginia, and Washington DC. Both companies enabled public health officers to create an app that would allow iPhone and Android devices to use a Bluetooth signal to know how close they are to a person coming in for a positive test.

Six U.S. states and nearly two dozen countries have launched an exposure notification application based on Apple-Google technology in recent weeks without any major challenges. Allowing apps for cross-border tracking allows apps to quickly adapt to each other.

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