Be careful if your phone is not somewhere, delete this app immediately, Google has removed it from the Play Store

Cybersecurity has discovered 6 dangerous apps on the Google Play Store, all of which contained dangerous Joker malware. The app has received over 2 lakh downloads so far. According to cyber security firm Pradeo, the six include Convenient Scanner 2, Safety AppLock, Push Message-Texting & SMS, Emoji Wallpaper, Separate Doc Scanner, Fingertip game box.

Advice to remove from the phone immediately
The report said that these dangerous apps have been removed from the Google Play Store. However, smartphones that still have the app are advised to delete it immediately.

Indeed, after the Joker enters the malware device, users don’t even know it and subscribe to the premium service from their device. Since 2017, Google has removed 1700 apps from the Play Store that contained this dangerous virus.

The Convenient Scanner 2 app can be printed by scanning your document and e-mailing it based on the details provided on the Google Play Store. Safety AppLock’s function was to lock the application with a pattern or password.

Push Message-Texting & SMS was an SMS and messaging application that could be used to customize vibration patterns from ringtones. Emoji Wallpaper was used to change the background of the phone, Separate Doc Scanner was a document scanner application.

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