Now no one can track your location, just follow these steps and it will work

Location tracking is very common nowadays. Google does this very easily. As well as some apps whose function depends on the location, they track the location of the users.

Normally we feel that if we turn off the location service in any device in our smartphone then no one can track us. However, this is not true. Is.

Google usually tracks location based on the services and apps people use. As long as Google tracks using the IP address, turning off the smartphone’s location doesn’t work.

You can turn off your location by following this trick.
Go to and log in. Select the Activity Control option from the navigation panel. Turn off all activity. Also, decide if you have turned off web and app activity and location history.

From here users can manage their location and all the history details shared with Google. For this, users have to go to My Activity homepage. Select the Delete Activity by option. A new option will appear here. Now select the option and click the Next button.

Here users can further filter service-based details and delete them. Users can follow the same settings on their Android smartphones. All they have to do is go to Settings> Google> Manage your data and personalization.

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