Dangerous message is coming in WhatsApp, it crashes the app as soon as it is opened

WhatsApp is getting a weird message these days. As soon as this message is received, the app crashes or freezes. This message is long and has been written using special characters that WhatsApp cannot decode. And this is the reason why WhatsApp crashes. Users from many countries around the world, including Brazil, have reported this problem in WhatsApp.

WABetaInfo said in its report that strange characters were used in the message, which made no sense. Even if you read the whole message, you will not understand anything, but WhatsApp misunderstands this message. And because of not being able to render the message properly, WhatsApp cannot process the message and the app crashes completely.

Users cannot open WhatsApp after a crash. And WhatsApp crashes and closes more often than it closes and opens. Users around the world have reported the matter to WhatsApp. But Brazil has the biggest problem.

What can you do to avoid this message?

If you receive such a message, open the WhatsApp web in the computer and block the contact who sent this message. And delete the message. Set the privacy setting of your group as My Connect.

So that no one else can send such a message. And if WhatsApp doesn’t have a working item after receiving such a message, uninstall it and reinstall it. However, it can make chat history disappear. So you can also take a backup.

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