Know what is two-factor authentication, even if someone knows the password of the account can do nothing

You may have heard about two-factor authentication many times. This is for the additional security of any online account. There are many types of two-factor authentication. Let me tell you about two-factor authentication and the benefits that come with it.

What is Two Factor Authentication?

Two-factor authentication is known by many names. Multi-factor authentication, two-step verification, 2FA, or dual-factor authentication. This is a kind of security process which, after activating, you can be sure of your account security to some extent.

Under this process, you will need to provide another proof of access to your account in addition to the account password. This proof can be of any kind. For example, you make a transaction that is also sent to the OTP on the mobile along with the card and PIN to complete. Only after entering this will your transaction be successful.

Benefits and why necessary

Often you have a password for your online account and Facebook or Gmail that is known to people close to you. In this case, if you have activated two-factor authentication, it will be beneficial. Even if someone knows your account password, they can’t open your account without a second step.

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