Google will say who is calling, New feature is ready to compete Truecaller

Google has recently come up with a cool feature called Verified Calls. These features have been made a part of the Google Phone app. These features of Google will tell you who is calling. Caller’s logo will also appear, the main reason for this feature is to curb frauds, this feature will give the TrueCaller app a direct hit.

Fraud calls are a big problem all over the world including India and with the rollout of the Verified Calls feature, users will be able to know who is making the call. This feature can be rolled out worldwide, including India, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, and the US.

TrueCaller app will not be required
This new feature will do exactly what TrueCaller does, so there will be no need to download the app separately and Google Verified Calls will work. So TrueCaller app will not be needed. The pilot project has successfully done by Google and will surely beneficial to its users said by Google.

New function in Google Phone
In addition to Google’s Pixel series of devices, many Android phones act as the dialer of the Google Phone app by default. The new feature will be available in all these phones with the next updates. If you don’t have the Google Phone app installed on your phone, it can also be installed from the Google Play Store.

Google’s new features will also tell users why they’re making business calls, a feature not yet in the TrueCaller app.

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