How to create a YouTube channel and make money forever

Our Prime Minister has also called on the people of the entire country to become self-reliant. Now when it comes to “becoming self-reliant” if you want to walk that path, you have to acquire knowledge of every subject.

If there is one digital school that is popular and reliable all over the world, which gives knowledge and also earns knowledge as well as knowledge giver, then it is YouTube. According to the statistics released in May 2020, YouTube has 4 billion users worldwide. 9% of internet users have their own YouTube account.

About eight out of ten marketers consider YouTube to be the most effective video marketing platform. About 5% of all YouTube users worldwide, and also those in the 18-3 age group, use YouTube at least ten times a month.

At the same time, a billion hours of videos are watched daily by subscribers on YouTube. YouTube channel subscribers watch around 200 crore daily videos from mobile devices every day. 4% of the world’s professionals use YouTube as a channel to post content.

Eighty percent of the world’s people say they use YouTube to find new brands or products. 200 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute by YouTube worldwide. 9% of India’s digital video viewers use YouTube.

According to a 2012 survey of the world’s 10 platforms working on commercial video content, YouTube is second only to Facebook for video sharing businesses around the world. Of these, 61.8 percent prefer Facebook and 4.5 percent prefer YouTube. 4.5% of users prefer Instagram.

How to create a YouTube channel?

Questions for YouTube have been asked by human readers for a long time, how to become a good YouTuber? How to create a YouTube channel? How to generate revenue through YouTube? I have tried to answer all these questions in today’s article. To be a good YouTuber, you need to have your Gmail account as a first step.

You can create your YouTube channel based on your Gmail account. Once you have a Gmail account, you can start using YouTube, especially the Google Chrome browser, or the YouTube app in a mobile fan if you have a mobile.

Once YouTube starts, you have to follow the information after clicking on the “My Channel” option in YouTube to create your channel. This will start your YouTube channel. Once a channel is created, you can create and upload videos to that channel.

What to consider when making money from YouTube?

We have learned how to upload videos on YouTube and how to make good videos, but how to make money based on videos is just as important. If you want to make money based on video, the first step is to monetize your channel and there are two conditions that need to be met for monetization.

The first condition is that it is very important to have one thousand subscribers on your YouTube channel and also to have a public watch time of 3 thousand hours in a year. Once the monetization process is disabled, you can automatically add ads to each of your uploaded videos, and you can monetize based on the content and quality of your videos.

Three things to keep in mind when making videos

The content of the video should be in-depth so that the viewer can get complete information.Keep the video as small as possible It is very important to place the graphics in the video content and the picture if needed in between. Animation can also be added in between if possible.

What is required to make a video?

Even with the minimum requirements for users to make videos, it is very important to have a good internet connection with a good camera, mobile fan, mic and ani. In addition, the phone or your laptop or computer must have the appropriate video editor software to edit the video. Sometimes it is also used to compress the size of a video when it is too large.

What to watch out for to increase video views?

There are many things to keep in mind when you upload a video after it has been created. Which will be very helpful in getting your video to the right subscribers as well as the right community. In particular, you need to clarify two things, whether your video is for children, or for older people.

Then it is very important to clarify on what date you uploaded the video, what is its language, from which location the video was uploaded and where the content of the video is and on what topic it is based. It is very necessary and mandatory to give a title to the video while uploading the video.

You can keep the title up to 100 characters. There are rules regarding titles that titles must be appropriate and logical. The more appropriate and compelling the title, the more your video view impression can increase. Writing a description after writing a title is just as important.

The description of the video is defined in the description. It also covers the details of what is covered in the video and the topics covered in the video. Search engines also enter keywords to make your video more easily found. It is very important to write in the description of all the important words that are related to your topic or in the video and also the words that are trading the most.

Two types of video thumbnail placement

Thumbnails are added if you want to add a photo that makes your video attractive that appears as a poster for your video. Which can be added in two ways. One is that YouTube itself determines the content of your video and puts the photo. When you have designed or made a poster or flyer, you can also add it yourself.

As a result, a photo with a link to the video will be displayed. This will make it easier for users to watch your videos. If you want to put videos based on more than one topic on YouTube, you can also create a playlist for that video on YouTube. The advantage of placing a video in a playlist is that you can easily find it.

Not only that, but you can also easily deliver a link to more than one video at a time even if you want to reach a specific community. Finally, when you come to the comments and rating section, you will be given four options regarding the comments that are made on your videos by the subscribers and you can decide whether the comments are displayed or not.



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