Your phone is hanging! Folllow these steps to increase speed

If you are suffering from the problem of smartphone hang, we have come up with various tips for you. You can increase the speed of your smartphone by following these tech tips. There are many reasons behind smartphone hanging, including over gaming, storage. Follow these steps to prevent it.

1. First, go to phone settings and go to software updates. Auto download off in it

2. Then go to account settings and also turn off the auto-sync data option. The advantage of this is that the phone’s apps don’t use the internet to sync. Also, the storage of the phone will be saved.

3. Now go to Play Store settings and turn off auto-update.

4. Click the Recent button in the phone’s navigation bar and close all running apps in the background. Ram will reduce Consumption.

5. Also, delete or uninstall apps from the phone that you are not using. These apps block your phone’s memory, affecting your phone’s performance.

6. Go to phone settings and click on About phone. Click on the software information and tap on the build number 7 to 8 times. Then in the developer option that opens, click on Background Process limit and select NO option.

7. Find the Transition Animation Scale and Window Animation Scale option in the Developers option and turn off both options. Following all these tips will give your phone a better performance than before.

Note: Keep a minimum icon on the home screen. Keep cleaning the memory periodically. Don’t forget to delete work files without. This will give your phone fast performance.

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