YouTube launches short video service ‘YouTube Shorts’ in India like Tiktok, users will be able to create 15-second videos

YouTube has finally launched its short video feature in India. Instagram launched Reels after Tiktok was banned. Now YouTube has launched the ‘YouTube Shorts’ feature to meet the short video making a demand of its users. The company has officially announced its launch in India.

‘YouTube Shorts’
According to reports, this feature will allow users to create and upload videos of 15 seconds or shorter. Users will also find a number of tools for shooting and editing videos. Users will also get permission for YouTube’s licensed song

A beta version has just been launched
The company has recently launched an early beta version of the service. The company will launch a stable version by adding a new feature. The service will soon be launched in countries other than India.

YouTube will benefit from its user base
Tiktok has 200 million users in India. The number of active YouTube users in India is 308 million. This number is higher than Tiktok. It remains to be seen whether YouTube shorts will become as popular as Tiktok.

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