Google Pay interface will change soon for his beloved customers

Google Pay interface will change soon for his beloved customers. A new standard interface for payment is being created by Google. This has been revealed in Google blog post. Google Pay’s new UI has been rolled out for many users having Pixel phones.

However soon the update of Google pay will start getting in the rest of the smartphone. The beta update of Google Pay will be made available to Singapore and Indian users. These updates will be for iOS users with Android.

A clean and flexible interface of Google Pay will be provided by the company. The entire code of the interface has been rewritten by the company. In such a situation, a new interface will be seen very soon.

What will change

According to the Android Police report, the bottom tab has been removed in the new interface and all navigation has been shifted to the hamburger menu. Only the scrolling list of payment cards and loyalty cards will be visible on the new home page.

Also, new payment cards, loyalty programs, gift cards and transit tickets can be added to the floating action button of the bottom ride corner. You will be able to order the payment through the entry of the Hamburger menu.

Also, you will be able to see the activity of the expiry pass. The Add a new payment method option will be given on the upper side of the home menu. There will also be some changes in the payment method.

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