The much awaited Android 11 update has arrived

The app will launch at a 20% higher speed than before, find out what features will be available in the new update

Android 11 has finally been launched on Tuesday after an announcement in February. Initially, the update will only be available for Google’s Pixel smartphone, and other mobile users will get it in the coming days.

Leading companies like Oppo, Xiaomi, One Plus, Realme, Nokia. The new handsets from these companies will have a pre-installed update of Android 11. According to media reports, Android 11 will launch the app at a 20 percent faster speed than before.

Learn about the new features of Android 11

1. Screen recording

The screen recording feature is like a screenshot, in which the user records all the movements that take place on the mobile screen. This feature is already in many smartphones. However, this feature will be available in every Android phone after this update.

2. New option to speak

In Android 10, when you swipe down the screen, the notification bar goes down. In Android 11, you can split this notification bar into two parts. The first part will be your notification, while the second part (conversion) will be chat. The conversion area will have notifications for apps like WhatsApp, Messenger and Twitter.

3. New controls

Smart Home Devices: Some of the features of Android 11 will come in handy for those who control devices like AC, fridge and TV from home.

4. Music control

After updating the operating system to the latest version, it will be easier to listen to the song on a Bluetooth speaker or another device. Your phone’s Bluetooth will continue even when you turn on airplane mode.

5. Get rid of the hassle of handling amps

Before the Android 11 update, if you wanted to put apps somewhere, you had to create a folder. With the help of Android 11’s smart folder, the phone will automatically put the same apps in one place.

6. Benefits in Security and Privacy

You can only give location permission to any app once after the latest Android update. Earlier, when allowing any app, there were two options (All the Time) and (Only while using app).

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