Hackers attack 30,000 company computers, demand Rs 33.12 crore ransom

The power of hackers is on the rise these days. An example of this is found in America. Here CWT had to pay a ransom of 4.5 million to recoup delicate corporate records taken by programmers. The capital in Indian Rupee is about Rs 33.12 crore. The data has originated from a media report.

According to the report, hacker attacks are on the rise these days. Preventing this has become a challenge for cyber agencies around the world. According to a private media report, hackers stole sensitive corporate files from the firm’s nearly 30,000 off-line computers and then sent messages to the company in a chatbox. The hackers demanded US 10 million to return the sensitive information. Let me tell you that CWT is an American travel management firm.

According to the report, the damage caused by Coronavirus was blamed by the firm after a ransom demand by hackers. The hackers then demanded a ransom of US 4. 4.5 million in the negotiations.

Payments were made in Bitcoin at the request of hackers. The hackers wrote in the message that they have financial reports, security documents, and personal data of employees such as email, address, and salary information.

However, an investigation is now underway. But according to the report, the company said that no passenger or customer data leaks were found. The CWT said the matter was immediately reported to the US Agency for International Development and the European Data Protection Authority.

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