Be aware Facebook users, you may ban if mada a mistake.

Amidst the crisis of the Corona epidemic, a lot of information is being shared on social media that is misleading and misleading and misleading people. Now the popular social media platform Facebook has decided to take strict action against those who post misleading information about the Coronavirus vaccine.

According to media reports, Facebook said in a recent statement that its team is shutting down Facebook groups and pages that are spreading false information about the Coronavirus vaccine.

Also advising the use of the Corona vaccine. Apart from this, Facebook said that the Facebook group and page predicting the Coronavirus vaccine are also being shut down. According to the report, Facebook is shutting down Facebook groups and pages of misinformation found with partners and policymakers around the world.

We are focused on conveying exact and honest data about the immunization to clients,” the organization said in a report. We are working on this at some level. So that the spread of false and misleading information about the vaccine can be stopped.

According to the report, the European Commission recently asked several other social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google, to display false information linked to Covid-19 on their platform on a monthly basis. Also, make data available to the Authority on a monthly basis.

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