Record break downloads after launched this Application on Play Store made by Indian

As part of the self-reliant India mission, a former TATA employee has launched India’s first native browser in PM Modi’s parliamentary constituency, Benaras. You will be surprised to know that more than 4 lakh people have downloaded the iC Browser app in just a few hours of its release. The iC Browser app is the best alternative to the UC Browser as opposed to the Chinese app.

The iC Browser application business was created by Arpit Seth, a software engineer who has been with the multinational company TCS for many years. Arpit says, “India has made the iC Browser application to keep information burglary from Chinese applications.”

Data is not likely to be leaked as its server is only in India. It is a matter of great pride for us that within half an hour of its launch, over 4 lakh people have downloaded this app.

One of the features of iC Browser is that it does not store any type of data, which can lead to data and other information leaks. Browsing is very fast. The most important thing is that after using it, the history is automatically deleted.

A very special short video feature has been added to the iC Browser, leaving the Chinese application TikTok far behind. The app has a simple interface for users to easily create videos. In addition, users can connect information from around the world using the Short News feature.

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